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Crafty Beasts Brewing Co

UNLEASHED Hydrating Energy Brew (4-Pack)

UNLEASHED Hydrating Energy Brew (4-Pack)

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4 Pack of Unleashed Hydrating Energy Brew.

Bone broth base fortified with fruits and vegetables for a nutritious, hydrating, energy boosting brew!

100% alcohol free.

100% preservative free.

The ultimate dog treat!


water, beef, pork, carrot, apple, natural flavour, spices

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Jax & Colleen

I was so excited to be able to share a beer with my dog this summer. With simple ingredients sourced from Canada and being able to support a small business I feel even better choosing Crafty Beasts. My dog loves the taste and I love the company!


Hunter & Steph

On a hot summer day,  or just a night out with the gang,  nothing beats a Crafty Beasts Fetch! This is my go to for birthdays,  hikes,  beach dates... any time I need a nutritious, refreshing drink. Full of stuff that's good for you, but also tastes great. Crack a cold one!



Fetch beer is:

The peanut butter to our jelly

The burger to our fries
The tequila to our lime!

You get the point--We just go great together! Fetch beer as a treat or food topper -- we feel great about giving the pack a treat that adds value and nutrition to their diet and the pack loves the taste!

Besides, What's more East Coast than a beer paired with a kitchen party pack?! Can you say iconic duo?!